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     In an effort to assure our customer’s that BSA Business Solutions is the best choice for supplying its Imagining needs, one needs only to recognize the expertise the three partners in BSA have acquired in the industry, and in the company they acquired.

     Gary K. Colin, President, has been in the industry in the Valley since the early 1980’s.  His management style emphasizes customer follow-up and attention to detail.  He prefers being in the field with customers insuring that their needs are being met, rather than just sitting behind the desk. Because of this, he has created a strong and loyal customer base.

     Gary has helped form the BSA team, along with Wayne Cernie and Howard Sloane, to satisfy the ever-changing needs in the industry with a flexibility that the larger conglomerates do not seem to be able to do.

     Wayne Cernie, our Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, is a problem solver.  With his multi-layered background in management, service and technical support, there is none more creative in the industry.  He rolls up his sleeves and solutions happen—the Best Solutions in Arizona.  Wayne believes that quality, responsive tech support is a major contribution to BSA’s growth.  The tech support function of our business is taken very seriously, resulting in it being the cornerstone of our success.  Our tech support is ranked second to none.  We possess a broad knowledge of both Digital and Analog imaging expertise, and are eager to assist customers 7 days a week, 365 days a year, if need be.  When you call BSA you reach a real person, not voice mail; you will quickly receive support locally, utilizing our large local inventory of parts, supplies and products.

     Rounding out the BSA team is its Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, Howard Sloane.  Howard built one of the most successful customer-oriented dealerships in the State of Arizona.  He has almost 40 years in the business, starting the Office Equipment Industry with Savin Corporation in the early 60’s.  His ability to match imaging needs to the customer has led to countless repeat clients who continue to trust his knowledge and judgement when it comes to deciding upon just the right equipment for the job.

     Our company has a deep history, originally started it in 1970 in 1992 it became a Denitech company.  In 1998 the partners purchased the Phoenix branch of Denitech (one of the largest Ricoh dealers in the country, based in Dallas), bringing local ownership back to Valley, and maintaining a customer base that spans 3 decades.

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